Pumpkin Spice (GF only)
Banana Cream Pie (GF only)
Earl Grey + Lemon (GF only)
Chocolate Cherry (v)(gf)
Espresso Chocolate Chip (v)
Classic Vanilla

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache

mini cakes menu

​We offer the following flavours for short-notice mini (6-serving) cake orders with at least 24 hours notice!

These cakes are simply decorated (bakery-style), and we can add a name/age or other short message but no custom decorations.

For custom cakes, please contact us or view our Online Store for larger simple cake options.

daily in-store cupcake menu

Made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, real butter, and freshly made fillings & frostings, our delicious cakes & cupcakes are baked from scratch on-site!  Our Swiss Meringue buttercream is light and not too sweet, our cream cheese frosting is rich and creamy, and our cupcakes are dense but moist.  We do provide custom orders, contact us for info!

Flavours marked (v) are available Vegan (Dairy-Free/Egg-Free)

.Flavours Marked (gf) are available Gluten-Free at an additional $5 per 8 cake servings.

​None of our flavours contain nuts with the exception of our Peanut Butter, Hazelnut, and Turtles fillings.

 While we do our best to avoid allergens, our products are never guaranteed to be entirely allergen-free,

as we do use wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, and other allergens in our kitchen.​

For cupcakes or simple mini cakes from our daily menu, give us a call at 604-399-8914 with at least 24 hours notice!

Please note that we can only accept larger/custom orders through our website contact form, or our online store.

 Vanilla ​​Lemon​
Vanilla + Mini Donut (v)

Banana Cream Pie (gf)

Salted Caramel

Chocolate + Sunflower Frosting

​Cranberry Almond

Black Forest (v)

​Pumpkin Spice (gf)

​​Chocolate Raspberry

German Chocolate

Espresso Chocolate Chip (v)

Earl Grey + Lemon (gf)

Classic Chocolate

Cranberry Almond

German Chocolate

Chocolate Raspberry (pink frosting)
Salted Caramel
Vanilla Lemon

Chocolate Ganache

​We carry a selection of 13 daily cupcake flavours in-store, in rotating seasonal flavours, for walk-in sales or pre-order!